The Many Faces of Permission

In our previous post, we touched on the notion of “permission” as the missing element in our blurred, unfocused lives. Its absence is a key reason why you might feel like you’re just a bystander watching your days go by on a big screen. Sure, you’ve successfully...

About Today….

We know how busy you are wrapping up 2016. We also know about the anxiety looming around “How and what are we doing to make certain 2017 has a path and plan?” We have the path…you can now let the stress go. You now can say you have a plan. But you must secure that...

Please, Let’s End This 2016

Last week Kevin in my “Soul Speaks” group said he saw a bumper sticker on his drive into class that said “F*!k 2016.” This is a common theme I have heard from so many personally and professionally this year. “This has been the worst year yet” is a common sentiment...
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