Why Can't My Employees Just Do Their Job

In this episode, Molly addresses the common frustration of employees and employers who feel like they can’t get their work done. She emphasizes the importance of clear communication, proper training, and defining roles and goals. Molly encourages both employees and employers to come together and have an open conversation to identify the reasons behind the challenges and find solutions.


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“Suffering in silence is not the solution. Your attorney might not even be aware of it.” – Molly McGrath




    • Lack of training, confusion, and communication gaps can contribute to workplace frustration problems.
    • Suffering in silence is not the solution; it’s important to have open conversations and find solutions together.
    • Employees should track their tasks and time to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
    • Employers should empower their employees and delegate tasks to free up their own time.


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