Simplifying Organizational Charts and Job Descriptions for Efficiency

In this episode, Molly discusses the importance of simplifying organizational charts, job descriptions, and tasks within a law firm or business. She emphasizes the need to focus on job roles rather than individual people and to view tasks as part of the job description in motion. Molly also addresses the constantly changing job descriptions and provides solutions for maintaining clarity and consistency within a team.


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“Job descriptions are not about the person, they are about the role.” – Molly McGrath




    • Overcomplicating job descriptions and tasks can lead to confusion and inefficiency within a law firm or business.
    • Job descriptions should focus on roles rather than individual people.
    • Tasks and to-dos should be viewed as part of the job description in motion.
    • Feeling overwhelmed by tasks and overdue work may indicate a need to revisit job descriptions and time management.
    • Changes in job descriptions and plans often occur when there is a lack of clear communication and data metrics.


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