With national podcaster and host, Molly McGrath!

[Episode #242] The Law Firm Financial Flywheel

In this episode, Molly McGrath is joined by Chelsea Williams, a CFO and financial expert, to discuss the law firm financial flywheel. They emphasize the importance of understanding and managing your law firm's finances, and how it can lead to better decision-making...

[Episode #241] Stop Buying Process Manuals

In this episode, Molly McGrath dives deep into the realm of law firm management, focusing on the challenges associated with implementing systems and processes. She highlights the common frustration law firms face after investing heavily in process manuals and systems...

[Episode #240] Does Size Matter?

In this episode, Molly challenges the common perceptions that law firms and professionals have about being 'small' or 'big' and what these terms really signify to their growth and potential. She emphasizes that it's not just about numbers, it's about mindset,...

[Episode #239] Fix Your Intake

In this episode, Molly dives deep into the intricacies of law firm intake systems, debunking common myths and confronting the inefficiencies rampant in the industry. She dissects show rates, conversion tracking, and the proper categorization of leads and clients,...

[Episode #234] STOP Complicating the Onboarding Process

In this episode, Molly discusses the easiest onboarding plan for new employees. She challenges the common belief that onboarding takes six months and suggests that it can be done in just 30 days. Molly emphasizes the importance of understanding how each employee best...




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