Our Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is the ONLY nationally-recognized, certified training program for legal administrative assistants, delivered over 12-weeks via LIVE WEEKLY intensive training session, and dedicated to training employees to become “leaders leading leaders.”


law firm employee training and development

A powerful training experience designed to foster a thriving, profitable connection between attorneys and their teams. We provide access to the world’s top law firm team development experts as you get a front-row seat to over 26 years of training, tools, strategies, and experience.




You feel isolated & alone

Why doesn’t your team care more about building your company?


You're Stressed Out

You would love to find more freedom and space in your schedule.


You're Tired of Paying for Underachievers

You have employees who aren’t pulling their weight…but you continue to pay them!


You're Not Hitting Your Goals

You aren’t hitting your monthly revenue goals consistently, or at all.


You're Not Sure What Direction to Move In

It scares you to think you’re steering your company towards disaster.




You're just collecting a paycheck...

…but you also want to make a difference!


You feel invisible, ignored & undervalued

Need we say more?


You lack structure & direction

It’s nearly impossible to set goals, gauge your impact, and know why you do what you do at the firm.


You want to be empowered

You just don’t know where to start!


You're afraid to make suggestions

You avoid suggesting changes or solutions because you don’t have the language of communication or confidence to speak up and lead.

“I just joined your academy and you have hit it out of the ballpark. I clicked a few tabs on your membership page and you have compiled the secrets to running a successful business. At this price for the wealth of information you have available in one spot is literally giving away information it would cost a small fortune and a lifetime to accumulate. You are the best!

–Greg Walker, Greg Walker Law

Transform your Legal Team Into the Most Efficient, Resourceful & Profitable Asset of Your Business

The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is a powerful 12-week experience designed to foster a thriving, profitable connection between attorneys and their teams. We provide access to the world’s top law firm team development experts as you get a front-row seat to over 26 years of training, tools, strategies and experience. With the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp, you’re equipped to:


Transfer Responsibility

Transfer responsibility from the attorney to the entire team so everyone is empowered to take action…


Gain Clarity & Confidence

ive your entire team clarity and confidence to know why you do what you do—and then, what to do next…


Shift Employee Mindset

Make the mindset shift from employee to intrapreneur and why that matters…


Predictable, Sustainable Productivity

Invest in your law firm’s team so you have predictable, sustainable productivity , no matter who comes, goes, or stays…


Create a Healthier Culture

Equip you and your team with the mindset, tools, and language of communication you need to create a healthier team culture for everyone…


Hire Your Dream Team

Create a clear, defined process for hiring a “Dream Team”



Hi, I’m Molly McGrath, founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions, bestselling author, and creator of the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp. Since the late nineties, I’ve personally coached, consulted, and directed presidents and founders of national organizations and over 400 law firms around the world in Executive-Level Leadership, Continuous Improvement, and Team Empowerment Initiatives to infiltrate new markets, leverage partner ecosystems, and produce profitability.

I’ve spent over 26 years leading conversations and overseeing Conversation Intelligence coaching, team development & empowerment, intraprenuer talent acquisition, Kaizen Leadership, root cause analysis, revenue mapping and action-based project management. Team Empowerment Academy is where I bring my unique ability and insight to help law firms like yours discover their capabilities, create value, and rise to the challenge in creating a thriving workplace experience for everyone.

If you’re stuck and unsure what to do next, the first step with the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is booking a Qualified Call with me. We’ll talk through the challenges your firm is facing in a confidential, no-judgment conversation and then, if it seems like the right fit, I may invite you to join me with the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp.

There’s no cost for us to talk, so hit the button below to schedule a time for us to talk. I’m excited to connect with you soon.

“Molly helped me realize that friendship and business were two individual entities that could not be intertwined as each needed its own specific nourishment. She helped guide me through the painful process of separation from the partnership to learning how to achieve as a solo practitioner. Initially, fear and self-doubt were preventing me from understanding my value. Molly, kept me focused from day one of my new practice with no doubts of my value and ability to succeed. She taught me in accountability and the power of putting goals in writing does come to fruition. I never thought that I would be doubling my income within 30 days of her guidance! Molly is not only an outstanding business advisor but also an amazing human being!”

–Amena Choudhury, Choudhury Law

What’s Included with the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp?

The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is strategically segmented into 12 video-based weekly modules with follow-up materials, action steps, and team support including:


Live Weekly Masterclasses

A high-performance interactive conversation designed to provide greater insight on whatever your firm is facing right now. Never go more than one week to learn how to manage and take action – all with the goal to protect, defend and lead your attorney’s time and energy.


Daily & Weekly Reporting to an Accountability Coach


Monthly Mindset Training Class with a National Mindset Expert



We’ll review weekly intake strategies, as well as cancel/reschedule and follow-up skills.


Weekly Team Empowerment, Management and Leadership Academy™ Training Modules

Additional on-demand trainings designed to allow you to finally let go of your law firm “management” (administrative headaches) with confidence, clarity and certainty: one lesson delivered every Thursday morning to your team’s inbox.


Monthly VIP Call

Private, customized, monthly 30-minute one-on-one VIP call for the attorney and/or team leader. This call is yours to use how you wish, for you to get the maximum impact out of your private, dedicated call.


One Year of Exclusive Access (for Your Entire firm) to Members-Only Platform

24/7, instant access to an exclusive members-only platform with over 175+ tools, techniques, training courses and manuals in all areas of the practice from marketing, leadership, management, job descriptions, annual reviews, incentive compensation, ROI’s and KPI’s, hiring, firing and money mapping… and so much more!

Each week focuses on a real-life, straightforward principle on how to build your firm’s team into a thriving workforce operating inside a healthy culture.

Week #1

Accountability & Deadlines

One of the key factors in Team Empowerment Academy is how well your team understands and adopts an Intrapreneur Mindset. This foundational module is designed to help you and your team make the mindset shift from Employee to CEO and implement accountability. No matter how many excuses you hear and how much resistance you face, this is the secret to gaining buy-in at every level.

Week #2

Intrapreneur Habits: Owning the Phone, Calendar & Client Experience

Once you and your team make the mindset shift to Intrapreneur, you need to take ownership of the future. Intrapreneur Habits give you a step-by-step battle plan for gaining newfound traction with weekly reporting, real-time progress tracking, and measurable KPIs for every team member, including attorneys.

Week #3

9 Ways to Support & Protect Your Attorneys

So many attorneys find themselves saying “Yes!” to tasks and responsibilities best handled by team members with the right training and expertise. We explore nine key ways to protect your attorney’s time, energy, confidence, and family priorities so they can focus on leading your firm well into the future.


Week #4

Drama, Meltdowns & Shutdowns

Firms all over the world face drama that’s often avoidable, unnecessary, and unproductive. We seek to eliminate drama, meltdowns, and showdowns by creating a business culture of adult responses in a tactful yet truthful approach that honors all involved.


Week #5

Time & Money: “Owning the Ideal Law Firm Success Model”

Your firm is only as effective as your cash flow and calendar allows you to be. This module is worth the price of admission alone as we do a deep-dive into owning your Calendar and Cash Flow with weekly intentional prioritization and declaration of high-impact activities for every team member.

Week #6

Understanding the Stages of a Business’s Lifecycle

No two law firms are made equal, which is why teams who want to accelerate their impact need to know, understand, and maximize their current stage. You will learn each of the different stages in a business’ lifecycle and which steps to take next as you continue growing into the future.

Week #7

Keeping the Phone Ringing With Qualified Leads

How do you attract and secure the right type of clients for your firm? By creating a reliable, data-driven marketing strategy to generate qualified leads that fit your ideal client profile. We can help you know who’s supposed to call you and how you know they’re a great fit for your firm’s services.

Week #8

Conducting Ongoing Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews

An intrapreneur mindset changes the conversation about employee engagement as team members shift how they think about their roles. Module 8 helps you rethink how you see crucial conversations such as Quarterly Employee Performance Reviews.

Week #9

Incentive Compensation and Bonus Structure Plans that Work

How do you know your highly compensated employee is generating the right type of revenue that leads to more business? This module goes into greater detail about how to consistently generate revenue instead of accruing unnecessary costs for a true win-win for attorneys and their team members.


Week #10

How to Create and Lead Firm-Wide Quarterly Planning Sessions

Yes, your firm needs to have company-wide quarterly planning sessions. Here is the
tried-and-true, no-fluff way to run a productive, streamlined quarterly planning session that engages every team member and leads to a more profitable outcome.

Week #11

Hiring & Firing with Confidence

No, an attorney is not the best person to oversee HR practices. You need a written, detailed approach to hiring and firing team members for the best fit. Take this overwhelming responsibility off your attorney’s plate for good!

Week #12

Keeping the Learning Off the Shelf

The key to long-term success is consistency. This final module brings together the entire Team Empowerment Academy experience to ensure your learning approach follows the roadmap of consistency.

THE Law Firm Admin Bootcamp IS NOT FOR YOU IF:


You only care about profit

You don’t care about serving your team members better—profit is the only part that matters to you.


You're Need Help with a 'Vision Statement'

You’re looking for someone to help you develop a ‘vision statement’ or watered-down business plan for your practice…we are NOT your consultants and this academy is not for you!


You Want a "Magic Pill"

You’re wanting a “magic pill” to fix your firm and you’re not willing to do the hard work to build a great culture for the future.

The Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is Perfect for you if:


You want to see your people thrive

You want to see everyone at your firm thrive with the right resources, direction, and roles.


You want results!

You’re hungry to get the results you want and ready to put in the hard work.


You're willing to learn

You’re humble and willing to learn from some of the top experts at building great law firms.


You don't have all the answers

You know you don’t have all the answers and you’re willing to try new ideas and solutions.


You're ready to commit

You’re ready to commit your time and money towards the best solution on the market.


“Molly trained my team on how best to work together to meet common goals. The team was better equipped to support our lawyers as well as each other. She took the time to get to know our systems and workflow. Then she was able to identify which team members were best able to work in the various positions. The time Molly took to understand the different personalities and skills of our team members to understand how they could best support each other, improved our workflow and morale. The team always looked forward to the calls and left them eager to improve the organization as a whole.”

–Tim Sechler, Sechler Law

This is for the Skeptics

Of course, we can’t guarantee every law firm will have world-changing results after going through the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp. As much as would like to make that guarantee, we can’t, as you can understand.

What we can guarantee is that you will receive some of the best content, insight, and support available for empowering every member of your law firm at each level. If you’re willing to put in the work and follow our proven process, we would love to exceed any of your expectations.



Gaining Clarity & Confidence

Gaining clarity and confidence in knowing which direction your firm is headed and why it matters…
Having the exact team and processes in place for everyone to focus their strengths for optimal productivity…


Thriving & Healthy Law Firm Culture

Enjoying a thriving, healthy culture that fosters great conflict resolution and firm-wide accountability with everyone’s best interests in mind…


Giving Your Attorney Freedom

Giving your attorney true freedom from the day-to-day operations so they can focus on serving clients and making memories with the people who matter the most…


The Best Onboarding & Training

Providing the best onboarding and training experience for every team member that’s consistent and proven to keep everyone engaged with an “Intrapreneur Mindset”

This is Your Future with the Law Firm Admin Bootcamp

It starts with scheduling your free Qualifier Call with Molly McGrath. There’s no cost to schedule your call—all it takes is the courage to pursue what may be the best investment your firm will ever make.

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