The Smart Hire Solution™ Process

Legal staffing solutions & outsourced HR for law firms

Hiring is expensive. And Exhausting. And overwhelming. And time consuming.

Hiring requires experts. And here we are.

More than 1,400 law firms have taken advantage of our Smart Hire Solution™ for law firm staffing. They’ve saved hundreds of thousands of dollars on hiring (and re-hiring) and years of training time, all while gaining the mental freedom that comes with knowing their next new hire is absolutely going to work out thanks to our training, development, management, onboarding and accountability. 

The Smart Hire Solution™ for law firm staffing might be right for you if:


You're Afraid

Hiring your first (or tenth) employee is scary, and you’re not quite sure how you’re going to pay for them yet.


You're Confused

You don’t know who, what, where or when to add to your team…


You're Hesitant

You want to know for sure that, if you leap, a net will appear.


You're Sick of the Revolving Door

Been there, done that?


You're Doubtful

Is there really a difference between a rock star and a “good enough” employee?


You Don't Know What to Do Next

Once you hire someone…then what? You’re not quite sure, so you just don’t hire someone at all…

What Makes Our Smart Hire Solution™ Process So Unique?

We don’t just do legal staffing. The Smart Hire Solution goes deeper than just recruiting and hiring. Your placement fee includes everything you need to find, recruit, hire, onboard, train and develop your new staff member to become a valuable—and profit-generating—member of your legal team.


Customized Job Clarification Creator

It all starts with a personalized call you’re your firm where we conduct a comprehensive Hiring Analysis process to get crystal clear on your needs to hire right, the first time. This is where we solidify your customized job description.


The Superstar Vetting Ad Writing Principles

The creation and publishing on all recruiting platforms of your customized employment ad to weed out the weak and unqualified.


The Ultimate Resume Reviewer

We take the lead on every step of the resume review and recruiting process off your plate, so you can focus on your top 5 revenue-producing activities that only you can do as the business owner.


The Initial Phone Interview

Our team of HR Professionals who have 30+ combined years of experience in recruitment and retention focus to find the right candidates in order to decrease your turnover rate. to identify only the best candidates. We prescreen applicants with our signature “5-Minute Phone Interview” to get to the heart of the matter upfront to determine if the candidate has what it takes to be worthy of a face-to-face interview with you. This step in the process is laser, deliberate and qualifies only the strongest candidates the to next step of the process, the video interview


The Video Interview

For the candidates that passed the “5 Minutes Phone Interview,” we move them to the Video Interview where we test their technology, presentation, professional dress and “human” side of things that are often missed or not noticed until they are already hired and placed. This is the turning point in the placement process, where the top 3 superstars shine, and all the rest are disqualified (once again, saving you time and money).


The Ultimate Social & Criminal Background Check

Once the “best of the best” pass the phone and video interview, we run a deep criminal and social background check that is completed before your business name and location is ever revealed.


The “How to Hire with Confidence” Process

We supply you with a comprehensive process of 32 crucial interview questions in preparation for your face to face interviews with the candidates. The questions are specifically designed to interview from a place of mindset, integrity, belief systems and emotional intelligence. All you have to do is show up.


Administration and Analysis of Ultimate Fit Hiring Assessments

All Right Fit Hiring Assessments are administered for your top 2 candidates for employment offer consideration for the final candidates (assessment fees included in the flat-fee placement fee).


Creation of a WIN/WIN compensation Plan and Offer Letter

We provide you with a suggested WIN/WIN compensation plan and suggested offer letter, to take the negotiation headaches and stress out of the picture.


The 90-Day New Employee Onboarding Manual

A step-by-step process to onboard your new employee and how to connect, integrate and enroll your existing team members into the fold.


1-Hour “Communication: The Definition of Success” Webinar

Educate each member of your team about each team member’s unique personality assessment, and how they should interact together to carry out the values, mission and vision of the firm.


The Ultimate Review System

We will facilitate and provide a step by step process for the 30, 60 and 90-day employee review, with the employee and business owner. We track and measure all progress and benchmarks to make certain the new hire not only makes it, but thrives as a valuable, long-term right fit.

“After spending way too much time and not getting good results, we finally engaged Hiring & Empowering and their Smart Hire Solution. The results were exactly what we were looking for—a new paralegal and then, a new receptionist. The Smart Hire Solution ended up saving us time, energy and aggravation and produced great results! Next time we need a new team member, we know where to go.”

–Peggy R. Hoyt, J.D., M.B.A., B.C.S


Are you a business owner who is frustrated with balls constantly dropping, office drama, finding, hiring and training staff, or a lack of skill set among team members necessary to take your business and revenue goals to the next level? Or are you a staff member who wants to do a great job in your position, but you are feeling unclear, overworked, undertrained, and ill-equipped to meet your boss’s expectations?

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