Episode 253: Firing People is Part of Growing and Running a Business

In this episode, Molly provides valuable insights into the inevitable aspects of managing a team, such as the need sometimes to make difficult staffing changes, and how to evolve a business into a structured and systematic entity. She explains the need for alignment with the company’s vision and goals, urging business owners to remain steadfast in this journey toward growth and operational excellence.


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Quote of the Show:

“Yes, you will have to fire people. That’s part of the deal.” – Molly McGrath



    • Implementing structured business practices such as KPIs, job descriptions, and systematic workflows is essential as a company grows.
    • Resistance to change is a natural part of the process, particularly from first or long-standing employees, and must be addressed strategically.

    • As businesses systematize, it’s not uncommon for employees to feel micromanaged, but this transparency is crucial for the overall health of the company.

    • An employee’s reluctance towards structured growth can sometimes indicate that the company may no longer be the right fit for them.

    • Having difficult but necessary conversations, whether about performance or business direction, is crucial for maintaining progress and achieving goals.


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