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Consulting, Hiring and Recruiting Services

Our Hiring and Recruiting flat fee retained search process begins with consulting services first and foremost. Once retained for Hiring and Recruiting services, by charging your credit card, immediate allocated resources to consulting and recruiting services – whether you chose to utilize those resources or not. H & E, LLC. Does not provide refunds for any reason. Service credits are made on a case-by-case basis for clients that abide by “Client Rules of Engagement” per the services “Getting Started” paperwork.

No portion of fees directly related to front end consulting and direct recruiting fees (Ad Placement, recruiting initiatives SEO and H & E recruiters hourly fees (detailed accounting supplied) are ever deemed refundable. (See Terms of Service Agreement.)

The H & E Guarantee: As long as you have met the 30, 60 and 90 Day “New Hire Onboarding” and Employee Evaluation requirements within our hiring process then the new hire placement guarantees an industry-leading 90 Day Guarantee; if the working relationship between you and your new hire is terminated (by your or the new employee, doesn’t matter which) within 90 Days of the employee’s hire date, we’ll go back in and begin the entire recruiting process all over again and find your superstar replacement free of charge and provide the 90-Day New Hire Onboarding Process for your replacement again.  H & E 90-Day Guarantee, see the Recruiting section in our Terms of Service Agreement.


A. No portion of fees related to H&E consulting services is deemed refundable. If we do not furnish any (ZERO) candidates – even after we’ve invested endless hours of time, recruiting manpower and money into trying our best to do so, we’ll refund 20% of your Recruiting “Getting Started” Services fee for candidate placement and the 90 Day Onboarding Process.

B. Client (or identified internal law firm representative) agrees to respond within 24-hours to designated recruiter regarding setting up interview for vetted candidates. If client does not respond to candidate communication with 24-hours. Failure to respond, on client’s part could warrant “job completion” for H & E, LLC.

C. H & E, LLC will honor the replacement process for the initial position hired as designated on the “Getting Started” paperwork. Any changes in initial retained position, title or job description will require a new “Smart Hire Process” and elimination of any guarantees.

D. Failure to participate in the required 90-Day onboarding process voids all refund or replacement guarantees. This includes (a) Completion of the “30 Day Goal Setting” call within 10 business days of the new employee start date, (b) Completion of the “30 Day Review” call within 30 business days of the new employee start date, (c) Completion of the “60 Day Review” call within 60 business days of the new employee start date, (d) Completion of the “90-Day Review” call within 90 business days of the new employee start date.

E. Recruiting Guarantee. Conditioned on the full completion of Client’s duties as outlined in this section above, especially as relates to the 90-Day Onboarding portions of H&E’s process, Client is entitled to a 90-Day Guarantee for any placement made with the help of H&E’s recruiting services. If the working relationship between Client and the new employee is terminated within 90-Day of the employee’s hire date, H&E will recruit a replacement to hire free of charge and provide Onboarding services. Client must engage H&E to recruit the replacement hire within 90-Day of the termination date of the first hire, or the right to this guarantee is waived. The replacement hire comes with no guarantee, as this guarantee only includes one replacement hire.

Rude, Disrespectful and Arrogant Termination Policy

This Agreement is entered into mutually but is based on the fundamental premise that CLIENT will be respectfully in all aspects of the engagement. Hiring & Empowering reserves the right to terminate this Agreement in its sole discretion if CLIENT repeatedly demonstrates: We choose our clients as much as they choose us. We do not help those who:

A. Have a restricting belief system rooted in lack of trust.

B. Have a mindset of negativity and “That won’t work”.

C. Insists on being right and looking for a fight.

D. Sends rude, disrespectful, and or arrogant emails or voicemail communications to our team.

E. Doesn’t have respect and an open mind to our expert advice.

F. Has a habitual response of “No” to everything.

G. Defers communication responses, decisions, and actions because of a mindset of “I’m too busy and important”.

Pause Clause

The Client acknowledges and agrees that when CLIENT decides to pause the contract and suspend recruiting efforts throughout the recruiting process, and CLIENT desires that H&E, LLC resume work at a later time, CLIENT must first make payment of the “Pause Fee” to restart the job ads and recruiting efforts. Therefore, the “Pause Fee” is set by default at $1,500 to resume all previous job ads and recruiting efforts.

Changes to our Refund Policy

We reserve the right to make periodic changes to our refund policy. Changes will be posted to this page with the published change date.

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