Who in your office is to blame?

Nurturing and growing your team is a never-ending process. And if it does end, you’re in trouble, because it means your team no longer cares to grow. That’s the beginning of stagnation. Like sitting water, your team doesn’t just stop growing and stay in place; they...

Please, Let’s End This 2016

Last week Kevin in my “Soul Speaks” group said he saw a bumper sticker on his drive into class that said “F*!k 2016.” This is a common theme I have heard from so many personally and professionally this year. “This has been the worst year yet” is a common sentiment...

The Secret Is Out: The Boss Doesn’t Know Everything

Let me share a well-known secret: Bosses don’t have the answers for everything! If you are a boss, you might be thinking, of course I don’t!  That’s why I keep asking for help! And if you are an employee, you might be thinking, I know that! That’s why I keep trying to...
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