Episode 240: Does Size Matter?

In this episode, Molly challenges the common perceptions that law firms and professionals have about being ‘small’ or ‘big’ and what these terms really signify to their growth and potential. She emphasizes that it’s not just about numbers, it’s about mindset, strategic planning, and growth irrespective of size.


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Quote of the Show:


“What’s your definition of growth or scaling?” – Molly McGrath




    • Size is a relative and often misleading descriptor for law firms; what truly matters is the mindset and strategic direction of the firm.
    • Success should be defined by individual firm’s aspirations and goals, not by industry labels or size.
    • Ambitious revenue goals can be met and exceeded with controlled growth, strategic actions, and a focus on profitability.
    • Employee and leadership growth is just as crucial as the firm’s growth, and opportunities for advancement should be communicated clearly.
    • Shifting the language used within a law firm can have a profound impact on team morale and motivation towards achieving success.


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