Episode 243: Building Your $100k a Month Estate and Elder Law Firm

In this episode, Molly and Jim Blake, Founder and CEO of Bambiz, a marketing expert for estate planning and elder law firms, discuss how to build a $ 100k-a-month estate and elder law firm. They share their proven strategies for hiring the right people, implementing effective marketing techniques, and creating a streamlined process to convert leads into clients. By following their step-by-step playbook, attorneys can achieve significant growth and success in their practices. The episode also introduces an upcoming live event in Denver, Colorado, where Molly and Jim will provide in-depth training and guidance to help attorneys reach their financial goals.


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Quote of the Show:

“If you hire the right people and implement the right marketing, you can create the $100,000+ month law practice. – Jim Blake



    • The key hires for a successful law firm include an outsourced marketing coordinator, a client service coordinator, and a legal assistant.
    • Outsourcing marketing tasks to an overseas marketing coordinator can save time and money while still maintaining a high level of quality and customization.
    • Attorneys can focus on their expertise and save time by delegating tasks such as client consultations and document drafting to their team.
    • The upcoming live event in Denver, Colorado, will provide attorneys with a comprehensive playbook and practical guidance to implement the strategies discussed in the episode.


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