Your law firm is missing out when hiring based solely on experience. Stop hiring people from their resume. Hire from the human side and give people a chance. Finding people with experience that are a good fit for a firm is a challenge right now, particularly in family law.

Hammad Syed shares how he used his passion and resourcefulness to hit the ground running when he was hired by a family law practice, but lacked experience in that area.

He also shares a real-life story where his flexibility and resourcefulness were exactly what he needed to best serve his client. All of the experience in the world doesn’t matter if your employee is arrogant, rigid, or doesn’t operate with the client’s best interest at heart. You’re hiring human beings. Even the most experienced employees will need time, attention, and feedback if you want them to succeed.

What are you missing out by hiring based solely on experience?

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What to look for beyond the resume of a prospective employee
  • Why you need to invest in resources for new employees
  • How to make a new employee feel welcome
  • Where attitude is more valuable than experience
  • How a minimal time investment with new employees yields a big return

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