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Struggling to Find the right VA?

VirtuStaff Philippines – Your filipino Virtual assistant Powerhouse

The Philippines is a hub for talented and dedicated virtual assistants (VAs). But finding, onboarding, coaching, and empowering the right VA can be challenging. VirtuStaff Philippines is here to help. 

in 90 days, imagine having:


Reduced workload, increased efficiency

Delegating tasks seamlessly with a trained and integrated Filipino VA team, freeing up your valuable time to focus on billable hours and strategic growth.

Streamlined workflow and peace of mind

A well-oiled legal machine with your new VAs handling administrative tasks flawlessly, allowing you to tackle client cases with confidence and peace of mind.

Reduced overhead costs and maximized profits

Saying goodbye to expensive recruitment cycles and wasted time. VirtuStaff Philippines helps you find the right Filipino VA match, maximizing your profits and minimizing overhead costs.


Focus on client satisfaction:

Dedicating your energy solely to cultivating client relationships and winning cases. Your Filipino VAs handle the rest, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied clients.

Empowered and engaged virtual team

A team of highly motivated Filipino VAs who are continually learning and growing thanks to our comprehensive training programs. Enjoy a collaborative environment with a team invested in your firm’s success.


Stop Wasting Time & Money on Recruitment. Start Growing Your Law Firm with VirtuStaff Philippines.


“I just joined your academy and you have hit it out of the ballpark. I clicked a few tabs on your membership page and you have compiled the secrets to running a successful business. At this price for the wealth of information you have available in one spot is literally giving away information it would cost a small fortune and a lifetime to accumulate. You are the best!

–Greg Walker, Greg Walker Law

Traditional recruitment slowing you down? VirtuStaff Philippines builds high-performing Filipino VA teams for law firms ready to dominate.

Our team at Hiring & Empowering Solutions is more than just a recruitment agency – we’re a team composed of 75% Filipinos. We understand the legalities, the culture, and the talent pool like no other.

Do any of these thoughts cross your mind?

Is it possible to have a 100% remote team?
Can I find qualified VAs with legal experience?
How do I navigate overseas recruitment & regulations?
I don’t want to go through endless applications and resumes that don’t meet my needs.
I’m worried about communication, training, or data security.

We get it. Overseas hiring can be a concern. Let VirtuStaff Philippines ease your worries.

“The best decision we ever made for our practice, people and profit. Do absolutely everything they tell you to do if you want to exceed your goals in 66 days.”

–Meredith Glendening, Sechler Law

Here’s what we offer:

 VirtuStaff Philippines is more than just recruitment and hiring services. Our comprehensive package covers everything necessary   to find, recruit, hire, onboard, train, and develop your new team member into a valuable and revenue-generating asset for your
legal team.


Expert Matching

We source pre-vetted, qualified VAs who are a perfect fit for your specific legal needs.

30, 60 and 90-day Onboarding

We handle the 90-day onboarding process, ensuring your new VAs hit the ground running, saving you valuable training time.


Gain complimentary 1-year access to our exclusive Law Firm Admin Bootcamp + Academy, packed with resources and training to empower your VAs.


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