Like it or not, your personality plays a large role in getting you hired. After the hiring process is over and you have the job, however, part of keeping the right career is being able to work with those around you. Our personalities say a lot about ourselves, especially in the workplace. Your personality can easily affect those around you in a negative or positive way. That’s why candidly assessing your personality when choosing a job, both the positive and the negative, is very important.

id-100233661Being able to work with those around you is a necessity, especially if you are working a full time job, and more each week. If you are going to work 45+ hours a week, you need to like your job and those that you work with because chances are you’re going to see them more than anyone else. Put yourself in your co-worker’s shoes, they probably want to enjoy their 45+ hours a week at work as well. You need to exemplify the qualities you want those around you to have or, in other words, be the type of person you expect your fellow co-workers to be. Be encouraging and uplifting, even in times when deadlines, projects and clients projects become stressful.

There are many personality types in the workplace. Some people are introverts while others thrive as extroverts. Some people enjoy behind the scenes tasks and grinding out the work, while others would rather do the face-to-face work and constantly interact with the public. While we all have bad days, it’s important to recognize if you tend to have them more often than others. It is okay, we can’t all be happy all the time (it is work after all) but you can find tools to keep you on the right track at work and help you stay a company asset, rather than a drain on resources.

No matter what your personality is like, it is crucial to be flexible and understanding when working with your team. This will make your work environment much more positive and enjoyable. Also, if you are a manager or are in any leadership position, let your employees know that they are needed – no matter what type of personality they do have. Personalities shape our lives. Make sure that you’re using yours to benefit others! Don’t wait to learn about the personalities and more on your team, register for The Team Empowerment Academy today.

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