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Nicole Wipp is a rockstar attorney and business consultant.  Nicole shares how she uses her business model to create personal and professional freedom in multiple businesses.  We get into how she sets up systems, hires employees, and manages expectations to make it all possible.

Nicole also works with business owners to create more freedom in their businesses by teaching them how to extricate themselves from the day to day grind. Learn how she uses the Kolbe assessment as a cornerstone of her business and how it has helped free her from the things she should not be doing in her own business.

As a proactive leader, it is your job to have difficult conversations. If you’re putting your head in the sand and avoiding difficult conversations, don’t think that your team doesn’t know it. Strong leadership is crucial to implementing the paradigm shift.

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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Where to look to start cutting your expenses
  • What is the Kolbe Assessment, and how you to use it
  • Ways to lead your team to achieve success
  • How to create mutual respect and reciprocal loyalty within your team
  • Why you need to be a proactive leader instead of reactive

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