The world we live in is driven by data. Indeed, every second people out there create 1.7 MB of new information. That’s a lot and taken altogether, this data can be incredibly powerful. No wonder, then, management theorist Peter Drucker famously proclaimed, “What gets measured gets improved.” Data, when used effectively, leads to success. The trick, of course, is getting that “used effectively” part right.

During our Law Firm Administrative Bootcamp, we talk about this every week. Legal admin teams and their paralegals, client service coordinators, professional law firm administrators, and anyone at the front of your house needs to take tracking information seriously.

Every action taken in support of your law firm’s abundance goals plays directly into the abundance you receive. Often, gamifying this is the best way to turn your operation into an abundance powerhouse.

Have fun. Make it competitive. And allow your support team to achieve personal and professional victories every single week.

Research shows over and over and over that what gets tracked increases, expands, and accelerates. This means that if you want top-flight performance, you need to gather data on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Track lead generation and conversion rates. Track sales meetings and initial consultation outcomes. Track hiring and retention success.

Doing so motivates action and creates consistency because it puts proof of concept on display. What’s more, bringing this to a classroom setting nurtures solidarity. Wins are infectious and when your colleagues are cheering you on, you’re that much more motivated to go out and get it for yourself as well.

Tracking KPIs inspires your team members to believe in themselves, in the process, and, when they are rewarded, in their employer. Best of all, once you and your team built this habit, there’s no going back. Never again will you complain about not being able to get your team to care as much as you do.

To learn more about what you need to be tracking and how to do so effectively, call me and enroll today in our Law Firm Administrative Bootcamp.

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