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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Today’s dream job looks a lot like yesterdays. Current job seekers, just like their forebears, are looking for a position that provides happiness, stability, and growth. These basic human needs will always be the focus of human ambition, be it professional or personal. The difference is that today, the parameters that determine whether a job fulfills these are not what they used to be. People’s professional expectations have changed as what is viewed as possible has grown and if employers hope to land and retain the top talent they need to be in tune with these developments.

Today’s Best Employee Benefits: 4 Keys to Top-Tier Talent Acquisition

1. Genuine Professional Relationships
Human beings are essentially communal. Our survival hinges on our ability to cooperate which is why quality relationships are central to our well-being. While intellectually it may make sense to say this is a matter of personal, not professional concern, the distinction between these domains is a modern invention and not one our genetics acknowledge. We may know work is work but that doesn’t mean we feel this. Today’s job seekers are aware that there’s no reason a job has to cast aside their personal needs and so when dreaming up their ideal position, they take this into consideration.

Employers can account for this by nurturing genuine relationships with their employees. Top talent no longer tolerates transactional attitudes. If you want working for you and your company to register as a dream job, you need to give your employees as much as they give you. As they invest their hard work and knowledge in your firm’s success, you need to likewise invest in theirs. This means establishing mentoring systems, ensuring fair treatment, and finding ways to build a personal relationship with everyone on your team.

2. Individualized Professional Support
Different people are, well, different which means your company needs to provide tailored support mechanisms. Flexibility plays a key role here.

Some employees may need to occasionally work from home to be their best professional self while others may need in-house technological and systems upgrades to fully realize their talent.

Every business is a constellation of individual needs and your role as an employer is to meet these with thoughtful and flexible policy in the interest of maximizing collective success.

3. Avenues for Growth
Talent acquisition hinges on providing top performers with avenues for growth. Contrary to traditional thinking, supporting your employees’ professional ambitions won’t drive them elsewhere but will enhance their loyalty and commitment. When your team recognizes that your success is their own and vice versa they come to see that they stand to grow more with you than without you.

4. Competitive Compensation
All the growth and relationship building in the world means little if not backed by material support. The straight truth is that money means stability insofar it is the currency of which our home (in the broadest possible sense) is built.

Competitive compensation will add an aspect of desire to any dream job. Every survey of best employee benefits acknowledges this and you need to do the same if you’re serious about landing top talent.

When you pay your team what they’re worth, they pay you back in outstanding productivity, loyalty, and drive.

To learn more about investing your firm with systems and benefits that consistently bring the best aboard, do not hesitate to book a call with me today!

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