Wellness at Work

Life is not exactly peaches and cream at present. The Covid-19 pandemic is showing no signs of going away, social issues continue to sow division across the U.S., inflation is on the up and up (and up and up and up…), gas now costs more than Chanel N°5 (ok, not literally but you get the point), and the closest thing we have to a unifying cause is also the scariest war the world has seen since the 1940s. If in the midst of all this, you notice employee wellbeing in decline, you’re not imagining it. Studies show that wellness at work is hitting new lows, which is why now, more than ever, you need to be brainstorming some great work perks.

5 Great Work Perks that Enhance Employee Loyalty

1. Show Appreciation
Readers might be surprised by seeing simple appreciation top this list, and yet there’s nothing that matters more to employee wellbeing. Human beings are hardwired to seek connection and validation, and ensuring that this very basic need is met goes far in nurturing employee loyalty.

2. Provide (and Encourage) Paid Time Off
No small firm can expect to retain top talent without providing a generous PTO policy as part of its benefits package. Having such a policy in place does no good, however, if your team is burdened by the belief that using it goes against company ethos. Break this toxic (but all-too-common) expectation by actively encouraging employees to practice self-care and take PTO when needed (and don’t worry, doing so will pay dividends down the road as your firm retains talent where others don’t).

3. Organized Personalized Check-Ins
Care goes hand-in-hand with appreciation, which is why it is important that you back up encouraging words or gestures with thoughtful actions. Is there a member of your team who you know would relish the chance to grab an informal lunch together? Is one of your employees more of the hand-written card type? Think carefully about how best to check in on the well-being of everyone at your office, and then prioritize making time to do so.

4. Make Time for Fun
Children burn off steam through play, and adults are no different. If you’re noticing anxiety creeping up in your office intervene by scheduling a little bit of fun. Cater a group lunch on Fridays; bring puppies into the office; schedule break time yoga; start an office-wide fantasy football league. Make fun a part of your firm’s experience, and employee wellbeing will tick up as anxiety levels drop down.

5. Ensure Your Team Has the Tools They Need to Succeed
As much as people thrive on appreciation and caring, they also need to feel accomplished to attain a true sense of wellness at work. This can only happen if they have the tools they need to perform at their best. This means providing modern tech tools that streamline their tasks, top-of-the-line office hardware, and avenues for professional development that nurture continued growth.

Investing in these five great work perks won’t solve the world’s (many) problems, but it will save your firm from becoming yet another source of anxiety in the lives of your talented team.

To learn more about boosting employee loyalty in both tough times and good times, book a call with me today. We can discuss your pain points, identify opportunities for growth, and get your firm started with a strategy for increasing employee loyalty and retention, developing your team’s intrinsic leadership capabilities, and—ultimately—improving productivity and increasing profitability.

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