There are just about 60-days left until year end—it’s basically the corporate equivalent of the “two minute warning” in a football game. So…what are you and your team doing about it?

If you want to kick off 2020 with confidence and excitement—if you really want to hit the ground running—then it’s time to brainstorm with your team and figure out how to sprint to that finish line so that the boss gets paid, the team gets paid, and you create unstoppable momentum as your firm bursts into the New Year.

Involving the entire team in your firm’s year end sprint is an amazing way to foster unity and keep everyone motivated and inspired. Schedule a brief 90-minute brainstorming session—and please avoid the temptation to walk into this meeting equipped with solutions for closing out longstanding files, cleaning out backlog, and incentivizing the team. Ask your team for input: are they most motivated by a bonus structure, or by getting more days off during the holiday season? Developing a compensation plan is an important part of the year end sprint…but it has to be a compensation plan that means something to your team.

Once your plan is in place, don’t forget to check in with your team. Informal daily check-ins or more formal weekly meetings can help keep everyone on track and motivated.

There is so much money, promise, and unfulfilled work sitting around your office—engage your team and devise a plan for getting it done before the year comes to an end!

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