Tick Tock: Will You Hit Your Year-End Goals?

It’s hard to believe that there are only about 88 days left in 2023. It’s basically the sports equivalent of the “two-minute warning” in a football game. So, what are you and your team doing to sprint to the finish line?

If you want to kick off 2024 with confidence. clarity and excitement, it’s time to huddle with your team and figure out how to get everything done before the year comes to an end.

Here are a few tips:

1. Involve your team in the planning process. Schedule a brief 90-minute brainstorming session and ask your team for input on how they can be most motivated and productive. Are they most motivated by a bonus structure, or by getting more days off during the holiday season or being able to hire a new team member? 401K? The only rule is to find out what is important to them and get ALL the ideas on the table and take a pull. Make sure this is put on your Year End Strategic Retreat Agenda to declare and decide the WIFM for the team.

2. Develop an Incentive Based Compensation plan that means something to your team, the visionary and the profitability of the firm. Once you know what motivates your team, develop an Incentive Based Compensation Plan where EVERYONE WINS, owner, team and printability. When we acknowledge, gamify and reward intentional, methodical work, everyone WINS. This could include bonuses or even just an extra PTO.

3. Check in with your team regularly. Don’t just set up a plan and then leave it to your team to execute. Empower your team to lead and run “The Weekly Stakeholders” Meeting. Same place, same time each and every Monday. Like a locker room huddle before you go on the Super Bowl playing field. When you plan your work and work your plan, the goal is AUTOMATICALLY met. Couple this with 30-minute “Daily Huddles” will identify issues in real time, create micro solutions, keep everyone on track and motivated.

There is so much money, promise, and unfulfilled work sitting around your office. Engage your team and devise a plan for getting it done before the year comes to an end.

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