Think More Information Is The Answer To Your Challenges? Think Again!

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking your problems can be solved with more information. To a point, that’s true. You’re not going to solve a problem when you’re not even aware it’s a problem! But information alone isn’t going to solve anything. Acting on the information you acquire is what leads to solutions.

I say that because every day I speak with stressed out attorneys and their exhausted, burned out team members who are running on a hamster wheel they see no way off of. If things continue as they are, it’s only a matter of time before their law office implodes.

But instead of doing anything about it, many of the attorneys I talk to are just collecting more information, diving into more research, or thinking over what it would take for things to change. In other words, they believe they’re doing something about their problems, but they aren’t actually implementing anything.

“I need more time” is another popular misconception that keeps many attorneys stuck where they are, with an underperforming, overwhelmed staff, no free time, and lackluster results from their marketing. Some are even grasping for a “magic bullet,” because it’s human nature to prefer a quick fix over something that takes longer and requires actual work.


Two golden keys to lasting change


If you’re looking to create real, lasting change in your law office, research shows that there are two things that work best: incentives and accountability.

Whether we’re talking about changing your habits, creating more free time, improved results from your marketing, more cash flow, developing your team, or even to streamline your systems, incentives and accountability are two golden keys.

Incentives work because they’re motivating. Most people love rewards and will work harder to get them.

Accountability works because it utilizes positive peer pressure to offset the mental chatter and unhelpful behaviors most people are likely to fall prey to on their own.‌


Take consistent action


Recently I spoke with an attorney about joining one of my clients’ firms. My client was extremely nervous about it, because hiring your first associate is nerve-wracking! But they went for it, because they know nothing happens without taking action.

Do yourself a favor, and take some action. It can be massive, but it really doesn’t have to be (especially if the thought of massive action paralyzes you). One consistent step at a time gets you where you want to be, too.

Starting today, take just one inspired step towards achieving that outcome you’ve been pondering forever…the one you’ve been putting off because you think contemplating it, more information, or more research are what’s needed.

Instead of getting bogged down in research, information, and overthinking just take that next best step. Then tomorrow, take another “next best step.” And the day after that, another step.

Take just one step a day toward your outcome, and in three months, six months, or even a year from now, you’ll be shocked (and pleasantly surprised) by how far you’ve come.

Information has a place, but information alone isn’t a solution. Taking action on what you learn is the key to creating new outcomes. Stop digging for more information, and act!

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