The Significance of Taking Your Vacation Time

When you started law school you knew it was going to be busy, stressful, and hard but if someone had told you then that ten, fifteen, or twenty years on you’d be struggling to carve out vacation time and have no margin for self-care, you might not have signed up. Furthermore, if they’d told you that every day would be a grind, retaining quality employees would feel impossible, and even finding slivers of joy in your routine would feel out of reach, you would have fled. So how did you get here? Or perhaps, more importantly, how do you change?

Let me tell you a story.

George is an attorney who came to me ragged and exhausted after his marketing coordinator left for a bigger, better job—again. This wasn’t the first time his firm invested in a talented employee only to see them wooed away by deep-pocketed competition and he couldn’t stomach repeating the process.

It’s not that his firm was a flop. George and his team were making money and generating leads but the constant turnover meant those who stuck around were working harder than ever. Burnout loomed and with it came the risk of even greater staffing issues.

Sound familiar? Sure. Luckily, things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

George and I chatted and realized that things weren’t falling apart at the seams; it was just that a few key pieces were out of place and knocking everything off balance. He needed to increase revenue and to do this he needed to get better at delegating work. This meant:

1. Identifying an expert to drive his firm’s marketing initiatives.
2. Finding someone to take the reins on managing leads and training.
3. Working with a professional to nurture and keep his Client Services Coordinator (CSC) accountable to KPIs.

George had the raw ingredients, he was just missing the recipe. His firm’s calendar was full; they were meeting their weekly initial consultation goals but had no idea how many prospective clients were being converted to paying clients. That, and everything related to direction, leadership, and measurement fell squarely (and solely) on George’s shoulders. The poor guy hadn’t been able to take vacation time in a decade!

Fast forward three weeks and all of this changed. We got George’s firm enrolled in our 12-week Law Firm Admin Bootcamp, outsourced their legal marketing to a trusted agency that cost them $2K/month less than their departed marketing coordinator, and we empowered their CSC to step up, run the weekly marketing meeting, and hold the marketing agency accountable.

All together this saved them 16 hours/week in initial consultation meeting time, bumped their client conversion rate up by 46.8%, and led to $15,000 in increased weekly revenue.

Last, but not least, George finally got in some well-deserved vacation time and was able to come back refreshed and excited for this next chapter in his firm’s growth.

Want the same for yourself and your firm? Give me a call today and let’s get you started!

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