A1458_20121105They want a long-term job. You want a capable employee. Do you know the secret to hiring and training that will fulfill both of those goals?

Lately, we’ve literally sifted through over 10,000+ resumes and conducted over 150 phone interviews.  In EVERY interview we conduct, the potential candidate declares, with such commitment, something along these lines: “I want a long-term job, a place I can plan to retire from. I don’t want to keep jumping around anymore, but it seems every company I’ve been with, there is a layoff on the horizon.”   The flip side is, EVERY business owner is thinking, “Please find me someone who will last this time.  I don’t want someone looking for a flop house until the economy turns around.”

We have been scratching our heads over this. Why is there such a disconnect? The potential employee and the employer both want the same thing but can’t seem to get there. After talking to business owners and team members alike in the past few weeks, we feel what is not working is the commitment and investment on the owner’s end. The owners do not understand that they need to stop. Slow down. Spend time with their brand new investment, the person they hired. After doing an analysis of the past employees who have left or have been let go, this is the common theme – consistently. The owners want instant results and forget that the investment is an actual relationship. They forget there is a learning curve and neglect the small, consistent investment of time where they are present and committed to listening. This definitely is the “magic ticket.” We’re not placing blame on the owners, because they’ve been trained that if you hire good people they should come with batteries included and not need so much time and attention.

For example, Molly hired a new employee to take on the role of “Event Coordinator.” This is the third person she has had in this role in less than two years. She decided that, despite having in place systems, employee manuals, training videos, etc., something had to shift. She wasn’t sure what, but she committed to spending 90 minutes a week, every Tuesday from 9 to 10:30, and she learned (and created and systematized) the “secret ingredient” to keeping and empowering team. Just six months later this new employee has been promoted  and her replacement starts in just two weeks.

Spending that time enabled Molly to forge a relationship that will benefit the company and the employee for the long term. Save yourself the time and heartache of employee turn over by committing yourself to making a similar investment.

Are you a business owner who is frustrated with balls constantly dropping, office drama, finding, hiring and training staff or a lack of skillset among team members necessary to take your business and revenue goals to the next level?

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Are you a staff member who WANTS to do a great job in your position, but you are feeling unclear, overworked, undertrained and ill-equipped to meet your boss’s expectations and needs to grow and serve your clients?

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