Drew Horning helps us lean into the pain of uncertainty by learning how to ride the wave of not having the answers. He shares how we can use the wisdom of our bodies and insight to create an embodied experience to help us heal.

Drew is a former licensed private practice psychotherapist with a Master’s degree in clinical work from The University of Michigan. He is trained in EMDR, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, Gottman Couples Counseling, and Brené Brown’s “Daring Way.” He also hosts a podcast on relationships and coached high school basketball.

Drew values his role in calling forth students’ courage and supporting them on their healing journey.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • 3 tips to help you sit in uncertainty
  • How the current pause is creating an opportunity for us to start looking inward instead of outward
  • What it looks like for white men to step up, show up, be accountable and reflect on what is happening in the world today
  • Why social justice and doing good work are part of the process of growth
  • Why we have to build our muscle to handle pain
  • How pain can act as a stimulus to help us continue to grow and change

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