The Misconception of Job Titles: The 4 Key Functions & EOS Accountability Chart

It’s time to start shifting your outdated way of thinking about job titles and positions and begin anchoring to key functions that will drive the growth of your law firm.

Chad Sinness is a professional Entrepreneurial Operating Systems (EOS) implementor. He works with small businesses to help them achieve vision, traction, and healthy leadership skills.

The goal of implementing EOS is not always about making more money. It can also be implemented to help you get clarity in your life and your business.

EOS uses an accountability chart rather than a traditional organizational chart with job titles. The accountability chart used in EOS focuses on function. By focusing on function, we can eliminate titles and the ego that goes along with some of those titles.

Chad shares the four key functions that should be included on the accountability chart.

We also discuss the differences between implementors and integrators and why your business can’t function without an integrator.


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What You Will Learn in This Episode

  • Why you need to read Traction by Gino Wickman
  • The four must-have functions you need on your accountability chart
  • Why your business can’t function without an integrator
  • How to start relinquishing control to create growth
  • The difference between the integrator and the implementor

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