Woman with pencilIn our last blog, we talked about why you might be hearing no to requests you are making.  We shared how the Eight Laws if Replacing Yourself can open up conversations with your boss and create not just the path and plan, but the laws to support this replacement so it doesn’t collapse and leave you with a mess.

We promised to share the Eight Laws with you.  Here is Law #1: The Law of System:

If you can’t give what you are doing to someone else and ask that person to follow certain steps to get the same results you did, you aren’t living the Law of System. When you go through your transition, it is imperative that every single step, no matter how simple it may seem, is written in such a way that you can understand it clearly and sequentially. Break it down into small steps and create a checklist. It doesn’t work to make casual, verbal references to “the way we do things” or to hoard our work so others must come to you to get it. We call this “tribal knowledge.”

The Law of System not only allows you to “get rid of it” that much quicker, it also sets the stage for the next phase when you find yourself “moving on up.” Remember, every time you replace yourself, there is someone one step behind you and someone one step ahead of you. If you don’t leave good systems in place, you will constantly have to slide back into your old position, and you won’t have time to do a great job at your new one. Also, it’s great to use the systems you have created as a vehicle for show and tell when it comes time for annual reviews, pay raise proposals, and new position openings.

Stay tuned for our next blog post for Law #2: The Law of Growth.  If you can’t wait, check out Chapter Three: Invaluable Chick of “Don’t Be a Yes Chick: How to Stop Babysitting Your Boss, Transform Your Job and Work With a Dream Team Without Losing Your Spirit or Sanity in the Process” at www.yeschick.com.

A key element of helping your team grow, and replace themselves, is to empower them through Employee Reviews. Not the archaic employee review you are used to but a planning session of empowerment to create a Growth Map.  To learn more, join our FREE Webinar “Conducting Empowering Employee Reviews” on Wednesday, March 26th at 3-4pm ET. Click here to register.

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Laney and Molly



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