legal hiring and staffingYour people are your greatest assets. We say this all the time. Without amazing people, your firm doesn’t stand a chance at success. It’s that simple. Whether you’re on the hunt for new employees or tapping into the strengths of the ones you already have, your people are the #1 driver of productivity and profitability at your firm.

We have helped thousands of law firms find, recruit and hire support staff, paralegals and attorneys. Usually, law firms come to us with a list of qualifications they want their new hire to have—so many years of experience, specific hard skills, education from an esteemed university, and so on. But we’ll be the first to tell you: an impeccable resume is not the end-all-be-all of legal recruiting and staffing. A resume may shine and sparkle, but what does graduating summa cum laude from Harvard say about the candidate as a human being? What does 15 years of experience as a paralegal say about how this person will fit in with your firm’s culture? What does their knowledge of this-or-that software program say about the energy they will bring with them to work every day?


Without the right synergy, even the most qualified-on-paper candidate won’t work out at your firm. You’ll invest hours and hours of time—and thousands and thousands of dollars—interviewing, onboarding and training this candidate…just to have them walk—or be pushed—out the door within months. And that’s because you’re trying to force the “right person” into the “right job,” instead of creating the right job for the right person.

Our philosophy has always been people-first. Not just in hiring, but also in training and developing existing team members. Creating flexible job positions, designed specifically for rockstar job candidates, and equipping team members with the tools they need to take ownership of their roles—to be autonomous— and make their day-to-day jobs more rewarding and fulfilling on a personal level…now THAT is empowerment. And THAT is what attracts employees to your firm and keeps them loyal—even job-hopping being easier than ever.

Employees stay engaged when their jobs are engaging. A big salary may sound alluring, but personal satisfaction is even more so. Waking up every day and NOT dreading the fact that they have to go to work is priceless. And the best way to make this happen is to create jobs that play to the strengths of your team members, rather than forcing them to fulfill roles that are, well, unfulfilling.

And this is what we do…we have a proven system for finding and recruiting top talent—people who can really make a difference at your firm. We help advance law firm leaders and their teams through our nationally-recognized Team Empowerment Academy. We help turn underperforming law firms around, just by leveraging the strengths of their people. We dive deep, perform personality tests, and determine the best way to tweak job descriptions so that your team members can perform at maximum capacity…all while supporting each other. If your firm is struggling to get to the next level, your people could make all the difference. Schedule a free 30-minute discovery session with out founder, Molly McGrath, and start brainstorming a way to solve your firm’s struggles today.

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