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If your firm is like basically every other small law firm on the planet, chances are your social media strategy is running pretty thin. Most law firms are behind the times where social media marketing is concerned. Way behind. No longer are boosted posts and consistent content enough to attract prospects and new clients. With spending on social media advertising clocking in at $89 billion globally in 2019, there is simply too great a density of content out there for such a simple strategy to reach intended audiences…especially for a small firm with a limited marketing budget.

Digital Maturity
Should your company reach digital maturity—and thereby compete with other leaders in your field—you need to nourish employee advocacy practices. Basically, inciting your team itself to promote your firm online. After all, studies show that brand messages reach 561% further when posted by employees as opposed to the brand’s own social media channels. How do you get team members to mobilize their own social media for company benefit without crossing the boundary of personal vs. professional, though? The answer is two-part: engagement coupled with training…

Employee Engagement
Distinguishing employee engagement from employee satisfaction is an involved topic worthy of an article all its own. In the simplest terms, engagement means a willingness to go above and beyond expectations while satisfaction is complacency with doing just enough. Fostering the former at your firm means empowering your team. For more on that, check out our Team Empowerment Academy.

Social Media Training
Social media training (SMT) is just as involved. Step one is implementing an SMT program which instructs employees in building their networks and sharing the accomplishments of the firm. In addition, a successful program curates shareable content and provides insight as to when and what to post online. Lastly, any SMT program worth its salt leverages software solutions such as LinkedIn Elevate, Hootsuite Amplify, PostBeyond, Oktopost, Bambu or Clearview Social.

If that sounds like a lot, it is. Nonetheless, every day spent neglecting the importance of an up-to-speed social media strategy is a major marketing day missed. Jumpstart your firm’s arrival to modern marketing with our Mastering Your Next Law Firm Marketing Move program. With social media spending by companies predicted to reach 20.5% of marketing budgets in the next five years, you’re going to need help if your firm is planning to keep up.

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