skills needed to pandemic proof your career

By this stage in the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody is expecting a return to normal. Public spaces are forever changed and the way we conduct work is transformed. While some of the restructuring we’ve endured is temporary, much is not. As employers begin to rebuild, pandemic-proofing is a central concern. Naturally, this impacts all levels of operation, including hiring. As offices have adapted, so too have their needs—and with no end to the pandemic in site, these needs will dictate the sort of talent sought by employers.

Pandemic-Proofing Your Profile

The businesses best-positioned to come back strong are those that have prioritized agility in their restructuring. With so much uncertainty yet on horizon, the capability to react quickly and decisively is critical to survival. An agile business needs agile employees, and hence, your presentation needs to center this characteristic.

Words on paper carry little weight, and so while you’ll do no damage peppering your cover letter and résumé with variations of the word “agility,” providing evidence of moments you’ve showcased the characteristic will get you much further. More than ever, employers want assurance that you’ve got the soft skills they seek. Convince with anecdotal evidence.

The Value of Critical Thinking Matters

Agility without critical thinking might land you a gig as a bull-fighter, but otherwise it’s not a skill set in high demand. In these times especially, employers need a team able to craft and implement inventive solutions quickly and with minimal oversight.

Remote work is now widespread and here to stay, meaning that successful operations must be prepared to decentralize decision-making, piece out projects, and delegate sections to autonomous teams. Employers accustomed to top-down management find this terrifying. In response, any evidence you can provide assuring them of your reliability now carries extra value.

Tailor Your Skill Set

Just as employers want assurance you can hit the ground running, they likewise care more than ever about recruiting the specific talent they need. How do you know if you’re what they want? Start with the job description, but don’t stop there. Compare theirs with similar postings and note the different emphases; scour the professional profiles of employees a level or two above the posted position and jot down their competencies; invest in imagining solutions to problems you anticipate the company may face.

Above all, be brave when pitching your skill set. Don’t shy away from showing off if you think you have what an employer wants. Risk-tolerance is at an all-time low and that means the candidate most adept at showcasing their goods is the one most likely to land a job.

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