increase law firm numbersI just got off the phone with an attorney who describes herself simply as…stuck. She’s finding that the many initial meetings she’s having just aren’t turning into money. Her PNCs need to “think about it,” and then follow-up after the meeting to ask dozens more questions. And this keeps happening over. And over. And over again.

The attorney is confused. Frustrated. At her wit’s end, really. Why does this situation keep repeating itself? She can’t understand why her colleagues are experiencing such great success, but she is stuck in this cycle of initial meetings, indecision, questions, and no money! I can feel her heartache and exhaustion through the phone. She believes in her firm, its business model, and the value it offers its clients….but she’s also slowly—but steadily—losing hope.

Over the years, this attorney has tried all different kinds of leadership styles and sales strategies. She’s been firm and stern. She’s “killed ‘em with kindness.” She’s hired expensive business coaches and highly recommended sales coaches. And yet here she finds herself…on the phone with me, wondering why she just can’t escape the quicksand that her and her firm are sinking in.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing: all of the trying, and trying, and focusing on all the wrong things…THAT is what’s keeping you and your firm stuck in the mud. You’re hitting the gas pedal hard, but the tires are just spinning and spinning, making that rut you’re stuck in deeper and deeper. The only way to escape is by doing something drastically different than anything else you’ve ever tried. And that drastically different thing is so simple…

Here’s how to increase your law firm’s numbers when you’re at your wit’s end…

1. Stop & Restart. Schedule and facilitate a firm-wide mini-workshop to strategize. This workshop is to create weekly KPI’s for every department and person in the firm. Create the formula, the weekly measurements, and a system for reporting.

2. Calendar Case Cash (CCC) Formula. Get to know your CCC. Meet with your client services coordinator and go through your formula for success: average fee; closing ratio; number of appointments in process; hours per appointment type; appointments where a fee is collected; cancel and reschedule breakage percentage…all of this equals out to your Calendar Case Cash Formula. If your client services coordinator is not reporting these metrics on a weekly basis, we can help.

3. PPP Stock. Conduct a Kaizan analysis of your people, processes, and profit to know what goal you need to reach…immediately.

If you need help with the “how to” of any of the above suggestions, hop on the phone with us for a complimentary Qualifier Call. There is a sustainable approach to developing your people, improving your processes, and increasing your profit…in 10-weeks or less! We work with law firm leaders and their teams to identify the subconscious blocks that are keeping them stuck, and then roll-out a step-by-step game plan designed to achieve your firm’s goals, whatever they may be; get the phone ringing, Improve conversion rates, replace yourself from the day to day. Whatever it may be, we’ve not only got your back, we know the way to get everyone off your back and working in their own lane.

Why are we able to help when even the most highly-rated coaches and consulting companies fail? Because we get below the surface and past the superficial fixes. We don’t offer “band-aids.” We go much deeper—into where it really counts—performing “surgeries” to repair the real damage in your firm’s people and systems. And when we’re done, not only will your firm’s people, processes and profit be completely turned around, but you’ll find that YOU have become the most extraordinary version of yourself as an entrepreneurial attorney. You’ll be able to communicate more clearly, and more concisely. You’ll learn to direct your prospects and clients to behave the way you want. You’ll emanate a whole new confidence—a completely authentic and empowered version of YOU. Your clients won’t be able to resist it. It’s like magic. Except it’s real.

If you’re finally ready to say goodbye to the blocks that are keeping you and your firm stuck—if you’re finally ready to learn what to do differently and how to do it without overworking yourself—then schedule your FREE Qualifier Session by clicking the button below.

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