recruit top talent and employee retention for law firmsWhen your firm is known for offering a culture of engagement and empowerment, you’ll find that top talent comes to you.Rock star attorneys and legal support staff want to work for rock star law firms, and with the job market overwhelmingly in favor of employees…they’re on the hunt for firms with attractive cultures, opportunities for growth and development, and flexibility.

Of course, while a bad reputation can get stuck to your firm’s name in the drop of a hat, developing an amazing reputation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, effort and consistency. Here are 5 ways to start creating the kind of law firm culture that will attract top talent—and keep them happy for the long haul:

1. Hire in line with your mission and values

What makes your firm unique? What does it offer that your competition doesn’t? The mission and value of your firm is what makes it stand out from the rest—and anyone you hire needs to uphold those qualities. It’s easy to have an “I need to hire someone to replace this person,” or “I need someone who can do X, Y and Z tasks,” mentality…but the truth is that your employees will make or break your firm, and if their skillset and personality isn’t aligned with the mission and values of your firm, well, culture and morale will suffer.

2. Ask not what your employees can do for you…

…and ask what YOU can do for your employees. Again, it’s an employee’s market out there, and they have a choice when it comes to where to work. Offer benefits that help them maintain work-life balance, for example, a flexible work schedule, vacation time, and the ability to work remotely. Training and development programs are also attractive to employees who want to expand their skillsets and further their careers. The firms enrolled in our Team Empowerment Academy not only experience improved productivity and profitability, but find that their employees are more engaged with and committed to the firm as a whole. Finally, employee appreciation and recognition goes a long, LONG way…

3. Incentivize your team to help attract talent

Who knows who would fit in with your team more so than your team members? Getting them involved in the recruiting process not only keeps them engaged and makes them feel ownership towards the culture of your firm, but can also yield some excellent job candidates.

4. Get “out there”

Become known as the kind of leader that top talent wants to work with by getting out there and getting involved in industry events. Be a keynote speaker, sponsor an event…put yourself in the middle of where the go-getters and up-and-comers are. Getting to know potential new hires before recruiting them—or before they seek out employment at your firm—is always best!

5. Be social.

Social media is one of the greatest platforms from which to highlight your firm’s culture. Posts that show your fans and followers what’s going on in your office—a birthday celebration, an anniversary party, a team-building activity, etc.—tend to get more engagements than those promoting your services.

Start implementing these 5 tips to create a desirable law firm culture, and top talent will be knocking down your door soon enough. But if “soon enough” isn’t soon enough…take the opportunity to schedule a free discovery session with our founder, Molly McGrath. You can discuss your pain points and brainstorm ways to get your firm not only back on track, but completely turned around and headed in the direction of positive (and sustainable) growth!

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