intrinsic motivation

If there’s one characteristic every employee needs, regardless of their duty, it’s intrinsic motivation. When your team is as driven as you are, untold success is at your fingertips. The issue, of course, is that building such a team doesn’t come easy. It takes planning and, crucially, time—and if you’re like every attorney out there, you haven’t got much of the latter to spare. 

Luckily, that doesn’t matter. You’re not the best person to build your team’s intrinsic motivation, anyway, and so it’s not your time or planning resources that are needed. 

It takes an expert to nurture genuine and durable drive in your staff and while you may be the best in your field of law, it’s not legal expertise that’s required. You need to spend your time being the best attorney you can be and delegate the work of leveling up your team to an experienced consultant with a proven track record of doing just that for law firms nationwide.

It’s Time for Bootcamp

Plenty of law firm administration consultants preach about the importance of a structured reward and recognition plan. 

This is important, sure, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Rewards and recognition only make sense if attached to growth but you can’t expect your team to grow if you don’t provide the resources needed to do so. We’re talking about knowledge, of course, and there’s no better way to provide this than in the concise, loaded context of Law Firm Admin Bootcamp.

When you send your team to bootcamp, you gift them a space to build clarity and confidence, reshape your firm’s culture, and gain the drive and vision needed to take control of day-to-day operations. This in turn frees you up to invest time in client relationships and, even more importantly, your loved ones. 

Not Every Employee is Ready, Though  
Law Firm Admin Bootcamp isn’t for everyone. It takes a high-performance team to benefit from high-performance training. Your firm is a good fit if you’ve reached the stage where you aspire to the following:

    1. You want to see your people and your firm thrive with the right resources, direction, and roles.
    2. You want to retain your employees (which investing in their growth will help you do. One of the top reasons people leave jobs, especially in today’s climate, is due to lack of opportunity and growth. Law Firm Admin Bootcamp provides both!).
    3. You want to know your admins are doing what you’re paying them to do, and doing it exceptionally well.
    4. You don’t want to have to micromanage your team, wonder if they’re doing their jobs, or have work you’ve delegated return to your desk, incomplete or incorrect.
    5. You know you don’t have all the answers and are willing to bring in expert help to provide the answers you need.
    6. You’re open to new ideas and willing to implement the best new solutions on the market.
    7. You understand the value of committing time and money NOW to get stellar results that last well into the future. 

That’s a long list, yes, but no one ever said growth was easy. Leveling up your team also means leveling up your expectations. You can’t build intrinsic motivation if all you’re after is profit or you’re only looking to expand, expand, expand. And you’re not ready for the task if you think Law Firm Admin Bootcamp will serve as a magic pill. 

Bootcamp is exactly what it sounds like and yet once you’ve gone through it, you’ll agree you’ve never better invested your time. 

To learn more and assess whether you’re truly a good fit, call me today! 

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