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Are you hiding behind your desk, stuck in the mentality of “big firm v. small firm?”

Jaclyn Foster joins the podcast for a discussion about shifting from the “small firm” mindset to a more growth-oriented entrepreneurial mindset.

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Jaclyn has dedicated her entire paralegal career and her company to serving small law firms and solo practitioners. She has developed a deep recognition of the common challenges these firms face and built her agency around helping them.

She is passionate about creating solutions for smaller firms and solo practices to compete with the big firms while remaining approachable to their clients.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What is REALLY holding you back from growing your law practice
  • How the image you are projecting on your websites impacts the perception of potential employees
  • How small law firms can compete with larger firms by being tactical and resourceful in the people they are hiring
  • Why you have to start delegating and trusting that your team has your back
  • How an efficient team is an investment and not an expense
  • When to outsource rather than hire a new employee

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