Jessica Henry, Team Lead and Medicare Paralegal at the Ard Law Firm, shares insight and tactical steps you can take to make life easier for your attorney. She also shares best practices to ensure that people are put in the right positions at your law firm.

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Ways to Support Your Attorney

  • Adopt the mindset of treating clients and addressing situations in the same manner that you know your attorney would.
  • Take the initiative to provide extra care when needed, e.g., making sure they eat lunch on a day when meetings are rolling over.
  • Take every opportunity to exceed the expectations of your attorney.
  • Save your attorney time by submitting documents for review in the manner they want to receive them.
  • Propose solutions at the same time you bring a problem to your attorney.

Ways the Attorney Can Ensure They Have the Right Person in the Right Position

  • Communicate the mission, vision, and values of your legal practice.
  • Paint the picture for a prospective employee about WHY clients hire you.
  • Prepare your employees for what to expect when your clients are coming through the door in an emotionally charged state.
  • Train your employees to ensure that they are comfortable in their position.
  • Clearly defined goals and needs from the attorney are essential for establishing expectations.
  • Sticking to a 30-60-90 day review plan allows opportunity for reflection and performance improvement.
  • Use a simple chart in the review to show what is working and what needs improvement.
  • Your team lead should have strong follow through to ensure that new ideas are implemented.
  • The attorney should never be the team leader because they are not on the front lines in the client services role.

Standardizing the Role of the Team Leader in Your Law Firm

  • Create an Ideal Work Week calendar template.
  • Block time for certain activities.
  • Protect the calendar.

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