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Tina Torres is an Amazon bestselling author with her recent gratitude journal, and co-host of The Angel and Tina Morning Show with Angel Tuccy.

Tina’s life came crashing down about 18 months ago. She finalized her divorce after being married for 20 years in a very toxic abusive relationship. Then she became an empty nester when her youngest of three boys decided to join the United States Army. She also lost her six-figure job.

Tina fell into a deep depression when she moved from Atlanta to North Carolina and felt alone, betrayed, and not needed.

The power of gratitude completely changed Tina’s life.

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She started writing three new things that she was grateful for every single day for 90 days and pulled herself out of the darkness. Within six months, she relaunched her coaching company.

In December, Tina wrote her gratitude journal. It’s a 365 day morning and nighttime journal. Every morning you get a scripture, and every evening you get an inspiring quote.

Tina challenges you to keep a gratitude journal for 90 days. Dedicate 5 minutes to writing down three new things you are grateful for every morning and evening and watch what happens.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you need to become a member of the 5AM club
  • How a morning routine will impact your productivity
  • The difference between people that make $500,000 and $1 Million per year
  • The psychology of writing down goals and gratitude
  • Why you have to tell your story

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