stop practicing law to pursue passion

Wendy Witt, the CEO behind Million Dollar Attorney®, walks us through the process she went through in giving herself permission to stop practicing law and pursue her passion.

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At one point in her career, Wendy found herself in a law firm that was not a good fit. It was to the point where it was causing health problems, and she needed to get out of there but didn’t know how.

How do you get off the hamster wheel when you know that the firm or the work you’re doing isn’t aligned with your purpose? How do you ask for help?

It can be tough to see alternatives when you’re feeling trapped. There is a better way to be happy and be who you are, and actually, make more money than when you’re sitting in your car and dreading walking into work every morning. It’s ok to say, “I’m done.”

You’re going to have more power, be more productive, and help more people when you’re happy.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why your happiness metric is the most critical measurement
  • How to put a story in your head that serves you
  • Where to look for inspiration outside the legal profession
  • How to recognize the warning signs BEFORE your health is impacted
  • Why you need to understand the power of the pause

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