What if your emphasis was on hiring better people, the ones that will fit your culture, the ones that are going to have a sense of belonging, the ones you could engage and motivate? Ryan Englin, CEO and founder of Core Matters, helps us focus on hiring better people faster to hire less.

Ryan believes that there are two types of resumes out there. The first is written by someone who doesn’t know how to write a resume because they haven’t done it in years. A professional resume writer writes the other. You can’t trust either one of them.

The best employees almost always aren’t looking for work. When you find them fully employed, they’re engaged, they’re productive. And then a friend taps them on the shoulder and says, “Hey, you should go check this place out.” Well, that’s not someone who’s got a polished resume. They don’t need it!

One of the hardest things to do as a leader or owner is to take a look in the mirror and say, “I might be the problem.” When you say that you don’t have time to train, you really mean that you don’t have time to invest in the relationship. That is a problem.

Ryan believes we could revolutionize our companies if we would start thinking more about marketing to attract the right people. Are you attracting people that will take care of establishing the company’s expertise? Are they creating credibility with your clients?


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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why the best performers don’t have the best resumes
  • What you should be looking at instead of the resume
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to hire until you need to
  • What your onboarding process says about you
  • When your onboarding process really starts
  • How to find people you can trust

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