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We know many attorneys are feeling uncertain. Uncertain about cashflow, calendar, clients and staff. The “traditional” world is at a standstill, many are waiting this thing out.

But the ONLINE world? The online world has NEVER been more connected with solutions and action.

If you are not online and getting in front of your clients and community, well, another attorney is. People are spending an average of 6.5 hours/day online right now, on Facebook, email, Googling solutions…

We have spent the past week in “online classrooms”—online businesses, marketing messaging, mindset, conversational intelligence—and the consensus from business owners across the country has been: this has been 1000% more effective than any workshop or conference room meeting. We don’t know if we even have to go back to the traditional model of meetings and workshops.

What are you doing with your time right now? What is your team doing with their time right now?

What are you doing to offer solutions to and build confidence amongst your clients?

You MUST get in their ears, into their social feeds, into their email inbox and create an online classroom of your own!

There is no better time than the present, with everyone in the world looking for action items, hope, solutions and SOME kind of meaning action they can take—people have nothing but time on their hands right now!

You have to stay in action everyday. Soooo….

…that is why we are teaching FREE daily lessons in our Legal Marketing F.L.O.W. classroom. We are hosting a daily class providing action steps outlining exactly what to do for you and your team. There is NO REASON you should be concerned about what to do now—we’ve got you 100% covered.

In the time it takes for all of this craziness to blow over, you can be trained and ready to have a consistent client nurturing program, PNC lead generation, and conversion paths and a marketing plan in place. Yes, this will help you not only survive, but THRIVE, during this time, and also have a comprehensive strategy in place…FINALLY! You know, that thing you’ve never “had time for” or didn’t know how or what to do, or how to train your team?? Covered!

Use your time wisely. I need you to connect with me. I’ll spell out the rest of the details when we connect, and I’ll make sure you’re the right fit for this mentorship program

Make the best move for yourself and invest in something that will change your practice.

If you’re ready, do the following:

1. Join the FREE daily Facebook Masterclass

2. If you need a coaching “booster shot,” email me and let’s find a time to hop on a call for 30-minutes to get you into inspired into action and moving the needle in the right direction. But here’s the deal…you MUST be willing to take action after we hop off the call. I will NOT accept complaining or “picking my brain.” We are going to hit it hard and talk about action steps. And if you have a team, get them on the call with you, because they will have action steps as well. Now is not the time to spin your wheels…you MUST be ready to jump into action. I CAN help you, but don’t waste my time if you are not serious about doing what I KNOW will deliver results.

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