The common conversation we’re having this time of year is about one thing: marketing. Lead generation, filling the calendar, and converting prospects into clients. Our phones are ringing off the hook with attorneys and entrepreneurs, all asking questions about marketing, marketing, marketing…

When we dug a little deeper, we found that most small law firms don’t have a dedicated marketing person or team. This means that there is no one person or team focused on relationship building, on nurturing existing contacts via social media. On taking one inspired action after another to keep your law firm’s name out there.

Sure, you can hire a marketing agency or join a marketing program…but we’ve all seen it: you write the checks and have no idea where that money goes.

Well, Hiring & Empowering Solutions wants to change all of that.

On December 4th, we’re rolling out a brand new program to help law firms master their marketing, one move at a time. Mastering Your Next Marketing Move will give your firm a roadmap to marketing success, and hold you accountable with weekly coaching sessions to help get you unstuck and keep you moving forward. We’ll assess what’s working, what’s not working, and keep your marketing on target, 100% of the time.

Master Your Next Marketing Move will provide you with actions, answers, and the accountability you need to get you the results you deserve. We’ll lay it out—you just have to be committed and consistent.

Only 50 law firms will be accepted into this innovative new program. Email or click the button below to schedule a call for more information about how to enroll. The first session begins on Wednesday, December 4th at 3pm ET.

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