Learn how to replace the entrepreneur attorney in the initial sales meeting with a new client. This allows the entrepreneur attorney to focus on the top 4 revenue-producing activities that only they can do as the rainmaker of the firm.

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Attorney Tim Sechler of Sechler Law Firm, LLC shares how he came to the confident decision to replace his role as the “guru” in the initial client meeting and replace it with a non-attorney salesperson, i.e. a CHO.

Tim shares his trade secrets about what to look for when hiring for this position, as well as advice for training, onboarding, and KPI’s that enhance client care and experience.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Why you want to reconsider hiring associate attorneys, and how to stop training them to be your competition.
  • How to hire a non-attorney conference room closer…the right way!
  • How to increase your closing rate when you stop giving away your value in that first get-to-know-you meeting.
  • How to shift from sales to a CHO model.
  • The two simple, consistent steps needed to train and onboard your non-attorney sales person…and then scale, scale, scale!

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