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Your role as the attorney is to model the behavior you want to see standardized throughout your entire practice. The truth about your role in the law firm is that you must be disciplined in meeting deadlines, responding to emails, and communicating with your staff.

The behavior of the attorney/owner/founder sets the tone of the firm—everyone in the firm models their behavior.

If you’re not keeping your word with employees, not honoring your calendar, or not responding to emails, you can’t be mad at your employees when they start modeling your behavior. They will never care more than you care.

Whether your name is on the wall or you’re an associate, now is the time to take a good hard look in the mirror at your behavior.

If you are an associate, now is the perfect time to step up your game and see what you can do to take things off your primary attorney’s plate.

Communication is a two-way street. Everyone in the firm is playing a role in what is happening or not happening. Ask your attorney how they prefer you to communicate with them.


The Exercise You Need to Do in Your Next Meeting

In your next meeting or strategic retreat, hold a 90-minute mini-workshop where everyone participates in analyzing the firm processes to determine where the bottlenecks are happening. Then, ask where you might be creating the backup and clearly communicate with your staff on how to best communicate with you so you can get them what they need to do their jobs.

Everyone needs to be clear on their role and how they can most effectively communicate their needs.


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