Law Firm Marketing: Why Reviews of Attorneys Matter So Much

Every entrepreneur knows that before you can promote your product, you need to ensure all your T’s are crossed and your I’s are dotted. If your operation isn’t buttoned-up, presenting it to the public will do more damage than good. This is as true of law firm marketing as it is of any other field, which is why improving your firm’s internal processes, developing team members, and increasing productivity is step one.

Once these aspects are locked in, step two is getting out there and getting seen. Here, reviews of attorneys play an essential role. In the present digital age, 92% of customers read reviews before making a purchase. This is as true of those looking for legal services as it is of those making impulse Amazon purchases. Over the past decade, testimonials have become a core element of digital marketing for law firms. Below we explain why.

Law Firm Marketing Strategies: Reviews of Attorneys are a New Industry Currency

We are the generation that received gold-star stickers for work well done, so it only makes sense that we would be suckers for star ratings. Consumers love to gain insight into the experience of those who came first. However, this metric comes with a caveat. Marketing data indicates that buyers only trust a star rating if it is backed up by multiple, recent reviews. This means you need not only seek out testimonials, but make their ongoing pursuit a central priority in your marketing strategy.

Statistics indicate that star rating is the number one factor consumers use to judge a business. 94% of consumers will use a business with a four-star rating; only 57% will use one with a three-star rating, and a measly 13% will trust a business with a one- or two-star rating. Star power definitely matters, and yet there are other reviews of attorneys that are equally crucial.

Client testimonials with substantive content are an equally important part of law firm marketing. After all, research demonstrates that clients trust other clients more than they trust advertising. Social proof is a science-backed concept that demonstrates that, when in doubt, human beings follow one another’s lead.

Not all testimonials are equal, though. While it helps to have one or two that speak to how approachable and kind you are, discerning consumers want to know more. An ideal set of testimonials will address everything from responsiveness to affordability, compassion, professionalism, and skill. Of course, you can’t dictate what your clients say, but you can aim to collect a wide range of testimonials so that you can be selective about those you include on your website.

While reviews and testimonials are key, they represent only a portion of the multiple law firm marketing strategies top performers employ. In addition to amplifying the voices of satisfied clients, you also need to engage actively with social media, content marketing, email nurturing, networking, partnerships, and so on.

However, without people and processes that set your firm apart from the rest, no amount of law firm marketing will propel your firm to the top. If you are ready to get your firm on the fast track to a packed calendar, improved productivity across your entire team, and increased profitability—all without losing your sanity—do not hesitate to book a call with me today!

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