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Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’ve made it to the end of 2020 and if you’re looking for law firm business development advice, your firm has, too. In all earnestness, that in itself is a major accomplishment. After all, nearly half of the largest 100 law firms in the U.S. made pay cuts, furloughs, or other cost-trimming moves in response to Covid-19, and some of the biggest, such a Baker McKenzie continue to slash jobsOthers, to be sure, exceeded last year’s numbers and are ahead of budget but these are the exception, not the rule. If you are among the survivors of this brutal year, it’s both time to celebrate and to capitalize on your gains. Now, more than ever is the time to invest in business development so that as the dust settles on 2020 and others are struggling to get back on their feet, you’re cementing your place at the top.

Hiring & Empowering’s 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround Program is designed not only for those firms needing a tune-up but for any practice that dreams of consistent cash flow, predictable, proven systems and processes, a solid, confusion-free vision, more time, more confidence, and less fear. Put otherwise, it is a program for firms that want not only to play at the elite level, but want to win while doing so. The following five steps, covered in depth in the program, are the key to getting there.

1. Identify and Assess Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The first step to launching your firm into the upper echelons is a comprehensive examination of how your KPIs measure up. In extracting this analysis, we build a map that signals where work needs to be done and which challenges may arise in the coming months.

2. Halfway Checkpoint

Every elite athlete begins and ends their training cycle with a fitness test that determines whether or not their work is paying off. We go a step further and test progress at the halfway point to ensure your 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround timeline remains on track. Here, we revisit KPI notes, discuss long-term trajectories, and make data-driven adjustments.

3. Success Accelerator

Law firm business development, like any business development, is process-driven. Waxing poetic—as consultants so often do—doesn’t work when trying to institute lasting, forward-moving success. What works is systematic thinking and experience. In this final meeting, we give you the keys to both by sharing the blueprint of our program and empowering you to direct it toward your firm’s continued growth.

4. Weekly Coaching

Beyond the three keys steps outlined above, the 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround Program is supported by weekly customized and confidential meetings with Molly McGrath, founder of Hiring & Empowering Solutions, bestselling author, and creator of the program. These meetings will focus on key growth areas for your firm as determined by your KPI assessment and your own feedback.

5. Access to the Team Empowerment Academy

While advancing through the program, you will gain full access to the Team Empowerment Academy, an online, module-based learning tool designed to empower connections between you and your team so that everyone comes out winning.

In a letter to Robert Hooke, Sir Isaac Newton famously commented, “if I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” What he meant, of course, is that success is never an individual endeavor. Law firm business development isn’t, either. If your firm is to rise higher and go further than it has before, it will be through building upon the experience of others. The 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround Program is that very experience condensed down into a single course and available to any firm sufficiently driven to take advantage.

Spots in the program are limited and admission is conditioned upon a connecting phone call with Molly McGrath to ensure you’re a good fit. At present, four spots remain and so if this sounds like what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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