It's Not Too Late to Reach Your Firm's Year-End Goals

Most small law firms and solo practitioners have year-end goals they’d like to achieve before the fourth quarter comes to a close. While 2021—much like 2020—has forced business owners to continue to adapt to ever-changing social dynamics and, of course, a seemingly endless global pandemic, there is absolutely no reason your firm can’t finish the year strong. When it comes to accomplishing your year-end goals, the following tips will support your firm’s success.

» Involve Your Entire Team

And no, this does not mean charging into a meeting and talking AT your team for an hour about closing out longstanding files and cleaning out backlog. This means filling your team in on the firm’s goals (while these goals are obvious to you, your team may be completely in the dark about them), and brainstorm a game plan for reaching those goals, and incentivizing success. Does your team want more work-from-home time? A financial bonus? Compensating your team for a strong year-end push is essential to fostering employee loyalty, job satisfaction and—most importantly—trust.

» Hold Yourself—and Your Team—Accountable

The old adage, “practice what you preach” is appropriate here. Once your team members are off-and-running to help reach your firm’s goals, make sure to schedule regular check-ins—or even informal daily briefings—and keep your door open for people to pop-in with questions and ideas. Furthermore, showing that you are personally working hard to help the firm reach its year-end goals will keep the team motivated and united.

Through our 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround program, we have stepped in and absolutely transformed hundreds of firms—in 10 weeks or less. If meeting your year-end goals is looking bleak, schedule a free qualifier call with me, Hiring & Empowering Solutions founder and bestselling-author, Molly McGrath. I’d love to hear about your firm’s biggest challenges, and brainstorm ways to help you overcome them…quickly!

There is so much money, unfulfilled work, and untapped potential at your firm. Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize before we ring in the start of 2022. Speaking of which…

Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT have to race to the finish line in 2022, with a 2-month scramble to reach your year-end goals? Moving into next year, remember:

1. Mindset Matters! Existential or not, the power of intention is real. It’s an innate tool that, when focused in the right way, sets you up for success. Tune in to my podcast on the subject!

2. Make Sure All Cylinders Are Firing at Your Firm. Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link.” No, we don’t mean you should run off and starting firing your underperforming employees, but we do mean it may be time to invest in a seriously targeted team training and development program. Through our 66-Day Law Firm Turnaround program, we perform in-depth personality tests so we can best set everyone at your firm up for success. We’ll help train and develop your team members to be empowered leaders, capable of making decisions that bring your firm closer to its goals, while leaving YOU with more time to do what you do best—practice law. At the end of the day, your firm will see improved processes and productivity—and increased profitability—all in 10-weeks or less.

But let’s not throw away 2021. There is still time left to finish strong and accomplish your goals. Book a call with me today to learn more, and don’t waste one more second spinning your wheels. Success awaits those who take inspired action!

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