Many of us suffer from “uncertainty fatigue” as we try to navigate the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of the pandemic, election, and our businesses.

You are always operating in uncertainty, regardless of your area of law practice. It’s just the nature of being in business.

Listen Now!

Start looking for the good and the things that you can control. Stop anchoring in certainty, absolutes, and structure.  Anchor yourself in the uncertainty.  Your business will always be changing.  You’ve weathered uncertainty before in your business.

Become the “uncertainty strategist” for your team and your clients. It’s time for you to rise above and show up for your clients, your team, and yourself.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • An exercise for shifting the mindset of your team
  • How to anchor yourself and your team in uncertainty
  • Ways to lessen your distractions
  • The behaviors you need to STOP now

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