It’s ridiculous that we should suffer when we’re doing something important for other people. However, as entrepreneurs and attorneys, we accept that overwhelm, stress, and feeling spread too thin just comes with the job. This feeling of overwhelm is not something that you should tolerate and accept.

Claire E. Parsons, Esq. is sharing how to take your mind from burden to brilliance so you can better serve your clients and your community.

When you’re going to keep going into battle for clients or helping them with risky situations, you need to stabilize yourself.

Claire is very intentional with how she talks about meditation. She guides us through how she incorporated her mediation practice into her law practice, what shifted after she started meditating, and the evolution of her blog.

Starting your meditation practice does not require a large time commitment. Claire began her meditation practice slowly, sitting only for a couple of minutes.

Mindfulness is really about paying attention to what is going on now. When you have a holistic view of that, you can pretty much trust yourself in knowing what to do next. If you have a good grasp of the ground facts, you will know what to do if you know what’s going on.

You don’t need a bunch of rules. You need to trust yourself.


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What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why meditation is a priority in Claire’s life
  • Recommendations for how to start your meditation practice
  • Why meditation isn’t magic
  • The power of changing your relationship with your circumstances
  • How mindfulness helps create clarity
  • What a self-compassion practice looks like

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