Molly McGrath discusses client follow-up and cancellation with technology guru, John Rehbein, owner and consultant at Ettinger Consulting, a certified Actionstep company that is committed to improving, enhancing, and sustaining relationships with clients.

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What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to navigate and handle a conversation around cancellations and/or reschedules with clients.
  • How to run effective confirmation, follow-up, and intake calls.
  • Understanding and applying action steps to outsource client services.
  • Why your data matters, and making sure it is understandable and reportable.
  • Ways a consulting company can help sustain your client/business relationship.


About John Rehbein

John has over a decade of experience in coding, programming, legal database software, graphic design, and business management. John, too, has worked in multiple law firms for several years in client development, and serving as their client educational director.

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