how to bounce back from defeat

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Every now and then something happens in life (clients leave you, a relationship ends, your car breaks down, health problems, money problems…) and you have to bounce back!

Trust me, our guest today, Lucas Rubix, knows exactly what that feels like. You lose momentum, and you have to make a change and recover. It is not easy, but its absolutely doable and you will come back stronger than ever for it!

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What you’ll learn in this episode: A few key lessons to help you bounce back

  • Understand that even the most successful people (yes the ones you look up to) also have these problems to allow yourself to take a little pressure off and start to bounce back
  • Take steps to start building momentum one minute at a time to get you back on track with what matters the most to you and your business and overcome any setback
  • Start to see the light that comes from your situation so you can stay committed to taking care of yourself and bounce back from whatever problem you are facing

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