Many solo attorneys and small law firms are doubtful that Facebook ads could work for them. They think that Facebook is irrelevant to their target audience. They are scarred by thousands of lost dollars thrown at other marketing channels—TV, direct mail, print. If those marketing channels were ineffective, why would Facebook be any different?

Here’s why: through Facebook, your firm can reach thousands upon thousands of qualified prospects…and with a simple click, they can act in a meaningful and measurable way.

The Deliberato Law Center, a Cleveland based estate planning and elder law firm, invested in Facebook ads about 7 months ago—they were willing to give it a try, but not hopeful that they would be the marketing solution they were looking for. Today, they can hardly keep up with the new business they’re generating.

In our interview with Michelle Fontanet, their Director of Marketing, she explains how hiring an agency to manage their Facebook ads helped them fill their workshops with qualified leads, nurture the leads who register but don’t show up for the workshops, and schedule 50-60% of workshop attendees into a free consultation with the attorney…before they walk out the door. With a little time, patience, and consistency, these thoughtfully-crafted, highly-targeted Facebook ads turned out to be one of the most effective marketing strategies their law firm has ever implemented.

What advice does Michelle have for your small law firm? JUST TRY IT! It works and it’s worth it…but give it 4-5 months to really gain traction.

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