How Fear Becomes a Barrier to Business Growth

Actions speak louder than words and so while no attorney will admit that they’re afraid of growth, plenty display this fear in the ways they act (or fail to do so). Growth requires a leap of faith, after all, and not everyone is confident enough to jump. You don’t gain a competitive advantage by sitting idly but by doing upfront work that only later translates into increased productivity.

“Do one thing every day that scares you.”

Eleanor Roosevelt wasn’t talking about law firm administration when she strung together these insightful words but she just as well could have been. Growth is scary because it both means increasing the responsibility you shoulder and entrusting others to care for certain aspects of your firm. Neither is comfortable and yet both are crucial. Building a thriving law firm means leaning into growth every single day.

Harnessing the Power of Self-Determination Theory
Growth is a mindset, yes, but it is also a result of action. No amount of talk will convince a flower to grow without sun. You need to invest in your team’s growth if you want to feel at ease entrusting them with increased responsibility. This means bolstering their knowledge and building their skillset. Law Firm Admin Bootcamp is the best way to achieve this.

When you sign your team up for bootcamp, you take the first step toward transforming them into a cohesive, high-performing unit that excels at tasks and makes your life easier.

Employees gain the self-confidence, belief, and skills needed to take on leadership roles. Their sense of competence increases and this, in turn, spurs a desire for continued growth. Self-determination theory dictates that people are motivated to grow and change when three innate and universal psychological needs are fulfilled. These are the need for competence, connection, and autonomy. Law Firm Admin Bootcamp addresses all three.

Investing in building a competent, connected, and autonomous-minded team is time and money well-spent. Attorneys benefit from Law Firm Admin Bootcamp by:

    • Never again having to worry if their admin is doing what they’re paid to do.
    • Not having to do “everything” themselves because their admin can’t get it right.
    • Never again pulling out their hair because nothing in the office is going right and they can’t figure out why.

When your time and mental energy are freed up to attend to that which matters most (i.e. client relationships), you not only gain peace of mind but a competitive advantage over all the attorneys out there bogged down by administrative bottlenecks.

To learn more about what Law Firm Admin Bootcamp can do for you and your business, sign up now or give me a call today to learn more!

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